USA - Canada - Hong Kong - Kuala Lumpar - Phuket - Melbourne - Although a well traveled DJ in her own right, Gina Ehsani has the local vote as the 2015 #1 Female DJ of the South by her industry peers at the Southern Entertainment Awards. Nonetheless, she has proven that open format has a place in the global music scene. She has earned her right to command crowds as large as 5,500 strong. Formerly known as DJ Gina Sutton, this lady has rocked alongside Questlove, Jurassic 5, Dilated Peoples and 2009 DMC Champion, Shiftee. She has toured internationally aside her husband and travel partner, Australian DJ/Producer, Q-BiK. DJ Gina is known for diversity – whether it’s EDM, house, hip-hop, rock or pop – she is an impeccable storyteller and vibes bringer. Gina also moves seamlessly from club performances to corporate backgrounds with ease and style. Brand Ambassadorships include H&M, Nordstrom, Mary Kay, Spotify and more....

The Journey

“1991 is officially the year I dubbed my first mixtape at the age of 9 years old. I learned how to record songs playing on the radio to blank cassettes. Or record over old ones, in most cases. I’d replay the songs I’d recorded from the radio on Tape Deck A and record parts of them on Tape Deck B. It was a series of Play, Pause, Stop, Record/Play. Then I learned how to use the voice recorder on the answering machine. I guess you’d say that’s how I got familiar with my mic skills. I had no idea how my love of music and technology at that time would pave the way for a DJ career.

Fast forward to 1998. This is when I seriously picked up cheer and dance in junior high school. Not only was I creating mixtapes at this time, but I was also creating choreography to go along with. I thrived in cheer and dance. I later went back to coach little league cheer in 2010. After high school I discovered night clubs where I could listen and dance to the music I so loved alongside folks with the same enthusiasm. I defined Electronic Dance Music and decided it wasn’t just ‘techno’ at that point. I made new friends with DJs and learned the art of ‘crate digging’ and got hooked. It was addictive; a lifestyle that just took over for me. I never set out to become a DJ; it was just a natural evolution from the path I’d already taken. Learning to DJ was easy, but mastering it enough to share music my way in public took about a year. My first gig was at an old warehouse (later turned into a now defunct super club), Katatonic, in 2004. I remember opening with Debbie Deb “When I Hear Music”. It was totally different than the house, trance, breaks and drum n bass that was being played at the time. The record was released in 1995 and I’m not sure that any of my peers knew it.

It’s been over 11 years since I started DJing and I still get nervously excited about every single performance. I take my client’s needs seriously and aim to please with every drop of the needle or push of the button. Everyone that I share music with has dreams and aspirations beneath those awkward dance moves or a reserved presence. Every song I will ever play is composed by someone who dreamed and aspired to be something bigger than they were when they were 9 years old. If I can be the person who makes the introduction of these two worlds, I will die a happy DJ.”

“I don’t play coy when it comes to the fact that I’m a lady DJ and it’s highly marketable. But I don’t capitalize on it, either. I’m always in the lab practicing, digging for music and on the phone networking and mentoring. I love sharing music my way and influencing the vibe of a room. Now it’s even sweeter doing that with my husband after 11 years of rolling solo. This is our business. This is what brought us together and we love sharing it with the world.”

The Nashville female DJ is focused on corporate and retail events as well as a continued touring with her husband playing to crowds across the globe. With behind-the-scenes ventures in the works, they plan on making a splash in the underground market in the near future. Keeping up with live house music gigs is important to her this year in local and national markets.

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