Love1 Events is an experience of true underground music culture, local charity awareness and small business networking. All under one roof. Our vision is to open the doors that lead to a community where we are all united by the love of real hip-hop and house music as well as growing together to strengthen our local economy and charitable entities. 

Education will move us forward. Not everyone understands or respects underground music. Not everyone is aware of how to support local businesses and charities or why these things are important. We plan to shed some light on the subjects. 

Our events welcome everyone with an open mind and heart. The music will bring you in, but the culture will bring you back. We are open to any ideas/suggestions you have. We can't do it without you.

Currently the owner, Gina Ehsani, is in hiatus with this event company to focus on other ventures temporarily. Keep connected via email by signing up below and like our facebook page

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