The Lovenoise Group

DJ Gina is the ultimate professional DJ without skipping a beat of cool. She moves seamlessly between A-list celebrity events, private corporate events and fun club dates with ease. When we need a knowledgeable, well rounded professional DJ, we hire DJ Gina!"


Harrison Innovative Promotions | Nicole Harrison, Owner

“The common thread in every aspect that I have worked with Gina has been her genuine concern for others, her values and her work ethic. I have truly appreciated watching her grow her business and connections in the area. She has contributed to the growth of my personal business connections as well. I value the opinion she presents when it comes to expanding and reaching out to the community and her business savvy. While holding true to community she is a business woman with ideas and experience not common in her peers. A true asset she should continue to broaden. Ms. Ehsani is an awesome writer and engages her followers to think beyond the surface and reach beyond their comfort zone for a greater cause all with her words. I truly admire that quality.”


Sdlhic Entertainment | Jazzy Sdlihc, Owner

“We met in November of 2013 after she humbly agreed to be a part of an all- female empowerment DVD. She is such an inspiration to other women of all ages. I recommend her because she’s kind hearted and has the passion to help others. She has innovative ideas for bettering communities as well as the local music scene.”